In a group circle join in for some Borrowing Benefits, we will start and end our time with a guided meditation.
We have been sharing great energy with our monthly circle, anyone is welcome to join in.
We will all be tapping together and those who would like I will tap on any issues that are brought up.
 We may bring in thoughts/ feelings/ideas that can strengthen your inner self manifesting good for all involved. 
This can be to release “things” that have happened, or things that one worries may happen, as well as thoughts, feelings, and emotions you may be going through

Challenges you may be having with the choices or changes you have made or not made.

  EFT can also be used to help you make choices and manifest those choices into your life,  strengthen the ideas you have made, to keep moving forward toward your goals, mentally, physically and emotionally.
   The next monthly group session:  Call or email to find the next date, and address, to be held in San Jose

​Tuesday,  February 5th             7-9 pm

Tuesday, March  5th                  7-9 pm

​Tuesday, April 2nd                    7-9 pm

Monday, May 13th                     7-9 pm

Monday, June 10th                     7-9 pm

Tuesday, July 16th                       7-9 pm

    The cost : $20.00

Meditation & Tappping=EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Kathy Horne, Certified Hypnotherapist 

(408) 316-3914    kathy@kathyhorne.com