Kathy Horne, Certified Hypnotherapist  

(408)316-3914    kathy@kathyhorne.com

​Kathy Horne received certification from Palo Alto school of Hypnotherapy, American Institute  of Hypnotherapy and Banyan Hypnosis Center. 

​Kathy trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Therapeutic touch  and completed a course in Professional Stage Hypnosis with Jerry Valley.   

​Now in 2018 Kathy has added Awakening Dynamics, which goes even deeper getting in touch with the subconscious .  A method of Theta healing.

​She also enjoys doing Face language and Dendrographology at private or public gatherings, fundraisers & parties.

​Her intent is to guide individuals to their own source of wisdom allowing that person to take full control of their life, and enhancing ones awareness of self.

Before starting her career in hypnosis in 2000, Kathy had been working in the dental field .  She enjoys helping dental patients as well as medical patients.  She finds hypnosis and energy work wonderful for healing and preparing for procedures and surgeries.

​Kathy loves helping others improve their lives, and teaches them the great ways to help themselves.

​She also uses these tools daily for her own self as being diagnosed with MS in 2005, living a very comfortable and fulfilling life​, ​with her husband and two grown children. She has travelled  much of the world and loves this life and all the people involved.