What is a Dendrograph

Face Reading

Why would Anyone Want To Have Their Dendrograph Analyzed Or Their Face Read?

Kathy Horne, Certified Hypnotherapist 

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By simply drawing a picture of a tree you reveal inner  qualitiesthat may even be hidden from you, surprising, entertaining, and educating dendrographology allows us a gentle way of illuminating our uniqueness.  A Dendrograph is the artists representation of an individuals personalty.

Realizing the powerful entertainment value of Dendrographology, and Face Language, you can now enjoy readings at your own event.

Face reading lets you learn that you are born with a personal  blueprint that is yours and yours alone.  This inner architecture can be read in your outer design- the features of your face.

Your face reflects your true inner self, it can explain why you think, feel and behave as you do.  Each of your features has a message for you about who you really are inside.

By discovering your unique inner design, you can become more aware of yourself, and accept yourself as you are.

Here are some of the ways that analysis can be beneficial:

     *  Understand Yourself

     *  Check Your Level Of Confidence

     *  Discover Your Strengths

     *  Evaluate Your Will Power and Drive

     *  Check Your Friendliness

     *  Reveal Problem Solving Mechanisms

     *  Understand Others

     *  Because It's Entertaining

Face language & Dendrograph resonates with the unique quality of life that radiates through your personality.  It reflects the emotions, thoughts and attitudes of your unique and special personality.

Your Facial features &  Dendrograph reflects your uniqueness!