Why would Anyone Want To Have Their Dendrograph Analyzed Or Their Face Read?

Here are some of the ways that analysis can be beneficial:

     *  Understand Yourself

     *  Check Your Level Of Confidence

     *  Discover Your Strengths

     *  Evaluate Your Will Power and Drive

     *  Check Your Friendliness

     *  Reveal Problem Solving Mechanisms

     *  Understand Others

     *  Because It's Entertaining

Face language & Dendrograph resonates with the unique quality of life that radiates through your personality.  It reflects the emotions, thoughts and attitudes of your unique and special personality.

Your Facial features &  Dendrograph reflects your uniqueness!

Kathy Horne, Certified Hypnotherapist 

(408) 316-3914    Kathy@kathyhorne.com.

Face Reading

Face reading lets you learn that you are born with a personal  blueprint that is yours and yours alone.  This inner architecture can be read in your outer design- the features of your face.

Your face reflects your true inner self, it can explain why you think, feel and behave as you do.  Each of your features has a message for you about who you really are inside.

By discovering your unique inner design, you can become more aware of yourself, and accept yourself as you are.

What is a Dendrograph

By simply drawing a picture of a tree you reveal inner  qualitiesthat may even be hidden from you, surprising, entertaining, and educating dendrographology allows us a gentle way of illuminating our uniqueness.  A Dendrograph is the artists representation of an individuals personalty.

Realizing the powerful entertainment value of Dendrographology, and Face Language, you can now enjoy readings at your own event.