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Real Stories

​Kathy Horne, Certified Hypnotherapist, says that hypnotherapy can assist people in a wide variety of circumstances.  From improving the way one deals with everyday stresses to overcoming the fears of medical procedures.  Also helping improve how one feels about themselves for success in reaching the goals you have in life and or changes you would like to make.  We all have choices to create the life we desire.

​Here are a few clients' responses:

​With the help of hypnosis from Kathy, I was able to go from a state of crying and feeling deep sadness and turmoil, to a sense of peace, quiet and calm.  What a great way to transition your body and mind to a better state.

>> client asking help for depression

You have improved my life.  I feel so much better

​>>smoking cessation client

​I can't believe I am able to relax and calm my own self.  Thank you for teaching me how.

​>>client seeking help for anxiety and panic attacks

I am making the right choices while shopping and eating--without even thinking about it.  I feel so much better.

​>>​weight control client

​I was anxious about having a spinal tap.  I had heard so many horror stories.  Kathy stayed by my side while I listened to a recording she had made for me.  I really did not feel a thing.  The doctor was more than amazed.  he then proceeded to tell us about a patient from the previous day that he had to send to the hospital for a spinal tap.  She was so agitated that she could not calm down enough for the procedure so she had to be put to sleep for it.  He was very impressed with Kathy's technique.

​>>at visit to the Doctor

​Wow, my golf game as really improved !​​

​>>performance enhancement client

My baby's delivery was fast and smoother then I could have ever imagined.

>>new mother